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The 5 most important things to research

1. Is the economy in the right stage of the cycle?
Macro economically we need to determine if Australia’s whole economy is in the right stage of the cycle.

2. Which states are in the best growth phase?
Not all states are in the same cycle. We need to identify the booms and downturns of each state.

3. Which areas within those states?
Just because a state is going ahead, it does not mean everywhere in that state is booming. We need to identify the 6 key fundamentals: Demographics, Infrasctructure, Employment, Population Growth, Yield and Supply and Demand.

4. Which properties are in the highest demand by owner occupiers?
We need to identify the properties that are in the medium price range as this is where the greatest demand is. We do not want to over capitalise on an expensive property that does not have a good yield.

5. Is the price right? Is it likely to outperform the market?
Finally, we need to compare the properties against other properties that have sold in the area to make sure we are getting value.

Acquire a multi-million dollar property portfolio and retire with financial freedom!

“My brother and I purchased an investment property from Acquired Properties after being recommended by a friend. Their research, customer service and professionalism made the process simple and easy. We wouldn’t hesitate buying through them again.”

Justin Furno
"Initially I was unsure of how to build a property investment portfolio, however Acquired Properties were helpful, approachable and listened to my concerns; explaining everything in simple terms. I knew I couldn’t do it by myself so I’m thankful that I chose Acquired Properties to help me through the process."

Evon Kong
“Acquired Properties made a great impression with their expertise and knowledge of property investment. Their industry knowledge and professionalism are just some of the reasons why I chose them to help expand, and look after my property portfolio. I can now look forward to the future knowing that Acquired are with me every step of the way.”

Paola Astudillo
"I highly recommend Acquired Properties for all your investment needs. They are true professionals with outstanding business acumen and integrity.”

Richard Narria

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